SEISHOU OFFICE has given an expert opinion to more than hundreds of individual customers and 200 companies in Asia including Japan and has been studying and advocating ideal feng shui from various points of view.

We had earned the trust of clients through our continuous effort on study and performance on site and is currently playing an active role as “決策顧問®(Kessaku komon/corporate adviser) ” feng shui master of many companies.

As to feng shui for company, we hold a detailed hearing on current situation and analyze a cause of the problems and give an expert opinion as well as creating a favorable environment in office.

We also provide feng shui consulting services for individual customers from various points of view for their/their family’s better life.

Holding our motto “pursue what feng shui should be and lead every client to better direction”, we would like to convey the excellence of feng shui as well as ideal concept of feng shui and its utilization not only to clients in Asia but also to world-wide clients from 2017.

Consulting service fee

Expert opinions by Skype ¥50,000 /2 hours
Expert opinions by e-mail ¥50,000 (reply in 2 weeks)
Feng shui consulting

*Consulting for company and individual both includes reading fortune of company and family members.
For company ¥450,000/1 building + transport expense(usually 2 round-trip) +accommodation expense( usually 2-3 days)
For individual ¥350,000/1 building + transport expense(usually 2 round-trip) +accommodation expense( usually 2-3 days)
Corporate adviser
(決策顧問®/Kessaku komon)
We contract with companies and plan action for better direction and better result emphasizing the opinion of the management.

Consulting service is conducted by regular face-to-face meeting and by telephone/e-mail as needed. ”Corporate adviser” can be done after feng shui consulting.

If you are interested in “Corporate adviser”, please let us know when inquiring or feng shui consulting.

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    Profile of Seishou Suzuki

    Seishou Suzuki studied a lot of thought and mantic due to his illness and majored feng shui which has sound grounds and is most effective among them.

    He kept studying and achieved the results and broadened his experience.

    In 2002, he visited China many times and studied under “劉廣斌老師 (Master Liu Kohin)” who is a 22nd generation descendant of “劉伯温(Liu Bowen)”, military strategist in early Min dynasty.

    He became the 24th disciple of “劉廣斌老師” to enhance the art of feng shui and “奇門遁甲(Qi Men Dun Jia)”and made it more precise.

    Currently, he works as an only feng shui master in Japan specialized in corporate consulting and has established himself as “決策顧問®(Kessaku komon/corporate adviser) ”

    ※“決策顧問” is a registered trade mark of SEISHOU OFFICE in Japan.


    Message from Seishou Suzuki:

    top_messageFortunately, I have met many people through work and think there are still a lot of things to learn.

    Every day, I keenly feel that progressing/improving with clients and focusing on the result is a perpetual challenge ant that it is important to improve myself with the passage of time.

    I hope I can be a pursuer throughout my life and it is coming true as I get older.

    Consultant is not a person of integrity, not a person to be respected in moral terms.

    I believe that the mission of pursuer is to be on the side of people who try to bring a plan into reality and continuously implement the cycle oftechnical judgement, proposition, mesurement and adjustment.

    I won’t leave a field of practice as long as my body allows me because this moment is not past or future but what we can observe only now.

    Time is limited for us humans, companies and organizations. That’s why it’s my sincere desire to try to make this moment the best.

    Takahiro Watanabe (pseudonym: Seishou Suzuki)